Game Changers & Winter Warmth

2017 is our fifth year to provide direct financial assistance to local residents in need…. We use “Game Changer” Funds in partnership with local organizations and churches to fill gaps & “finish the job” of helping someone in need. In 2017, we worked with Matt 25, Central Baptist Church, Lighthouse Mission, Portales Ministerial Alliance, Hartley House, GLU Factory, and various social workers to meet needs.

Because of our Game Changer work, in 2017 we received grants totaling almost $22,000 in “Emergency Food and Shelter Programs” funds and therefore we helped an additional 118 families with utilities and rent.

Our “Winter Warmth” fund allows UWENM to assist families with heaters and AC or fans when their situation becomes dire. In addition, we help gather funds for repairs that elderly and struggling home owners can’t manage by themselves. By preserving person’s home, we give back a family’s hope of self-sufficiency.

The real POWER of Game Changers & Winter Warmth is in the stories:

Having everyone’s birth certificates allowed a young mother to move out of the Hartley House to her own apartment;

With a little help making rent this month, a family did not have to scramble for a new place while the mother recuperates from emergency surgery;

because United Way replaced a broken water heater a family with two disabled adults can stop heating bath water on the stove after five long years.